SALLIE (Stanford ALL-Image Exchange) is Stanford's campus-wide system for managing and sharing digital assets (photos, videos, and other files) used in communications.

Who is SALLIE?

SALLIE is named after Sallie Gardner, Leland Stanford's horse who famously appeared in Eadweard Muybridge's photographic experiment demonstrating that a horse at full gallop does indeed have a moment of full suspension with all four hooves off the ground! This was an important milestone in the eventual development of motion pictures.

The Horse in motion. "Sallie Gardner," owned by Leland Stanford; running at a 1:40 gait over the Palo Alto track, 19th June 1878. Courtesy of the Library of Congress.

Who can use SALLIE?

SALLIE is available for use by any school, department, or organization with a direct Stanford University affiliation. If staff in your area have SUNet IDs and you have a need to store and manage digital assets for communications purposes related to University business, then SALLIE is a resource available for your use.
Note that SALLIE is intended for storing and managing communication-related assets only. It is not intended for research, academic, or other types of digital assets. SALLIE is not available for personal use by individuals.

How does it work?

Asset Managers and Editors use a desktop client to directly access the Cumulus system to upload and manage their files. All other access is via the SALLIE web interface.

How much does it cost?

There is no charge to use SALLIE; it's free!

What's the difference between SALLIE and Cumulus?

SALLIE is Stanford's implementation of the digital asset management software product Cumulus, developed by the company Canto.

Who supports the application?

SALLIE is a joint project of University Communications and Administrative Systems.

Where do the images live?

Image files and associated metadata live on servers and storage maintained and supported by Administrative Systems.

Are our images (and other assets) backed up?

Yes! Assets and metadata are backed up daily.

Is there a limit to the number of images a department can store?

There is no limit to the number of images you can store.

Is there a file-size limit for each image?

There is no file-size limit; however, very large files (over 1G) are currently difficult to upload. The SALLIE team is working on a solution for very large files.

My department already uses Cumulus; can we join SALLIE?

Yes! Groups on campus that currently have local installations of Cumulus Workgroup may be interested in migrating to SALLIE to take advantage of centralized support and the asset-sharing capabilities of the Web Module. Download and complete the Pre-Migration Questionnaire for Cumulus Workgroups, and submit a HelpSU ticket with your request.

Who’s Using SALLIE?

The following groups are using SALLIE to manage images:

  • Academic Computing Services
  • Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences
  • d.school
  • Division of Literatures, Cultures and Languages
  • Graduate School of Business
  • Haas Center for Public Service
  • Hoover Institution
  • Human Resources
  • Jasper Ridge
  • Land Use and Environmental Planning
  • mediaX
  • Office of Development (Central Office)
  • Physical Education and Recreation
  • School of Engineering
  • School of Medicine
  • SLAC
  • Stanford Alumni Association
  • Stanford Law School
  • Stanford Live
  • Stanford News Service
  • Undergraduate Admission
  • Vice Provost for Faculty Development and Diversity
  • VIce Provost for Undergraduate Education