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StanfordSelects is a small subset of all the images in SALLIE. The images in StanfordSelects are high-quality, downloadable images, organized for quick access. Browse through the set at any time using the categories in the left sidebar.

To search only the images in StanfordSelects (in other words, if you want to work only with a much smaller set of pre-selected images), go to Select a Catalog, and choose StanfordSelects. Now you'll be looking only at the curated set of images.

If you find too many images…

  • Search within your results using Refine. Example: search is for rodin. You have too many results. Type student in the search box and click Refine. Now you are viewing photos showing students and Rodin works.
  • Use the operator not. Example: type robot not car to find all photos of robotic items that aren't cars.
  • Add more terms to your search with and or with quotes. Example: instead of hoover search hoover and tower or "hoover tower"
  • Try Browsing (see below)

If you don't find what you're looking for…

  • Remove terms from multi-word search.
  • Search for part of a word instead of the whole word.
  • Don't use quotes.
  • Try Browsing (see below)


To browse by category, use the Category Pane on the left side of the window. Click the plus symbol (+) to the left of a category name to see subcategories. Click the category name to see images assigned to that category and its subcategories.

More tips

  • The search is not case sensitive; you can type everything in lowercase.
  • The search is for strings of letters, not words. This can be useful (If you type anthro you can find anthropology and anthropological) or not (If you type chu because you're looking for photos of Steve Chu, you may also find records with the words church, massachusetts, chuck, etc.)
  • To find a whole word, use single quotes. In the example above, to find records that contain the word chu but not the string chu as part of a word, type 'chu'
  • To find records containing multiple words, type the words.. Example: To find photographs of President Hennessy and Provost Etchemendy together, type hennessy etchemendy
  • To find records containing a phrase, put the phrase in quotes. Example: To find photographs of the Stanford Research Park, type "research park"
  • To find records containing one word or another, use the operator or between the words, with a space on either side. Example:To find photographs of skateboards or rollerblades, type skateboard or rollerblade