Before you start

If you are planning on using SALLIE to manage your images here are some areas to think about before you request a SALLIE setup.

The support team can assist you in answering these questions, and provide advice based on your particular needs. For assistance please submit a HelpSU ticket.

Where are your image files?

Do you have multiple versions of the same image (hi-res, low-res) and do you want to keep all versions? Do you have duplicates of any images? Do you have unique images that share the same filename? Do you want to do any "clean-up" before you put your images into SALLIE? Alternatively you can clean things up after you've put everything into SALLIE.

Do you want to do a bulk “ingest” of all your images?

Or add images in stages?

Who in your department will be an Asset Manager?

Asset Managers have the broadest authority within your department or unit's catalog. They can upload assets, set up metadata, delete assets, and generally perform all asset management tasks.

Do you need Editors?

Editors have the ability to add images to the system and edit metadata, but cannot delete images or change settings.

Will you share your images with the Stanford community (SUNet ID users)?

Which images will you share?

Do you want staff in your department to have access to your entire set of images?

If you require users to request permission before obtaining and using images, who will handle these requests?

Do you need more than one "catalog"?

If you have multiple groups within your department, or multiple sets of images with different purposes, you might want to set up several catalogs.

Do you have existing metadata?

You don't have to redo the work you've already done in organizing and describing your images--this information can be imported into SALLIE:

  • You can automatically recreate a directory structure (folders on a local computer or server) as a "categories" in SALLIE.
  • You can import information that is stored separately from your images (such as a FileMaker Pro database with records pointing to your image files).
  • You can import images and metadata from another photo management system (as long as you can export the data in the required format).
  • You can import lists of names or other values to be used as pick-lists for filling out fields within SALLIE.