Training and documentation

NEW: Self-paced online tutorial on managing images with SALLIE.
Launch tutorial via STARS.

The 45-minute tutorial teaches you how to add images to SALLIE, add metadata, organize images with categories, and share images. It also includes tips and best practices. You can view the entire tutorial or use the Table of Contents to jump to the specific topics that interest you. The tutorial is fully captioned and comes with a printable, screen-readable transcript.

One-on-one help with Cumulus and SALLIE

In a one-on-one session you can:

  • learn to add and manage images
  • get tips to improve your workflow
  • ask questions about your particular implementation of SALLIE
  • ask any questions at all about Cumulus and SALLIE

Request one-on-one help.



We occasionally offer "Managing Images with SALLIE," a free, 2-hour hands-on course that covers everything you need to know to start putting images in SALLIE.

If you would like to be notified when the next training is scheduled, submit a HelpSU ticket.